Surrey Police launches survey to determine how safe women feel in the county

A survey to gather women’s experiences and thoughts on personal safety was launched in Surrey on Monday (12 April) as part of a wider Force initiative to make everyone feel safe. 

Since the tragic death of Sarah Everard in London, women across the UK have been prompted to share their experiences of feeling unsafe, harassed or intimidated. The survey, which has been inspired by the Cumbria Police’s ‘Call It Out’ campaign, seeks to understand concerns of women across the county and use this information to look at what the Force could be doing differently. 

In Surrey, we want to support women who want to share these experiences and are encouraging them to fill in this survey.  

The survey is anonymous and can be completed here:

It will run until Monday, 3 May. 

Deputy Chief Constable, Nev Kemp said: “We are encouraging women across Surrey to fill in this survey to help us better understand how they are feeling and whether there is any more or anything we could be doing differently to help them feel safe. 

“Our mission is for people in Surrey to be safe and feel safe and whilst we know that anyone can feel harassed and intimidated, we are keen to better understand the experiences of women with this survey. The information collected from this survey will be reviewed by Surrey Police and Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

“As the police, we have an important role in addressing these issues which are currently being discussed at a national level and we understand that concerns around personal safety can also be in a domestic environment. We would like to reassure everyone that we take reports of being feeling unsafe or being harassed very seriously.” 

If you have been the victim of crime, please contact us via: 

 • Webchat on our website

• Online

• Calling us on 101

There are also a number of support services available in Surrey, regardless on whether the police have been contacted or not. Details on helplines for various support services can be found here:

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