Landlords of Kingswood House looking to develop the site for housing

Kingswood House School, West Hill, Epsom, is under threat as the schools landlord Aczels plan to develop the site for housing and to provide a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities School when Kingswood House School lease ends in 2023. Aczels have arranged an Public Consultation for the redevelopment and will be held at The Cricketers Inn on Thursday 7th July from 5pm-7pm. They are looking for local residents views on the development.

Kingswood House School objects to this development. The School which has been on the site for over 100 years and provides education for over 250 pupils 75% of whom have special needs and a number have Educational Healthcare Needs (ie very severe needs). Many of our pupils are funded by the local authority because of the specialist help we can provide. It is for this reason that the council has recently awarded the School the status of an “Asset of Community Value” one of very few in the borough and the only school.

In a recent letter to local residents the school said

“The negotiations for a new lease agreement are always complicated and can take a long time to finalise. Also, as we get near to any lease renewal, developers/landlords often ‘try it on’ with a speculative application for planning permission for housing on all or part of the land.”

To read the letter in full CLICK HERE.

Please attend the consultation if you can. What’s On will continue to bring you updates on this story as we get them.

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