Epsom & Ewell Borough Council responds to ULEZ consultation

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council (EEBC) has responded to Transport for London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) consultation.

TFL’s proposal is to expand the ULEZ to all London boroughs, including Kingston-upon-Thames and Sutton. This means eight out of the 13 wards in the borough will border the ULEZ and be directly affected. The Council anticipates the remaining wards will also be impacted by increased parking demand and use of side streets by non-exempt vehicle owners.

The following response was agreed by members at Full Council on 28 July:

  1. Provision is required for exempt routes which enable access to essential places and roads such as:
    1. A3, M25, A240.
    2. Facilities, e.g. the existing St Helier in Sutton.
    3. SW Region stations and other transport hubs that at present are outside the ULEZ but require EEBC residents to pass through the proposed ULEZ to reach them.
  2. Owners of non-exempt vehicles in EEBC to be included in any scrappage scheme that the Mayor of London is requesting from central government for London borough residents.
  3. The consultation period of two months should be extended until 31 December 2022 to allow more careful analysis of the cause and effect to the welfare and economy of the boroughs.

Councillor John Beckett, Chair of Environment and Safe Communities Committee, said: “We support the move to reduce high levels of air pollution, which the ULEZ scheme aims to achieve. However, owing to the acute economic pressure households and business are facing at this time, the scheme needs to consider the economic, social and mental health needs of all communities affected by this scheme, not just London boroughs.”

12 thoughts on “Epsom & Ewell Borough Council responds to ULEZ consultation”

  1. What about requesting that all Epsom & Ewell residents get access to the same travel concessions that the London boroughs enjoy? After all if we are to be affected by the ULEZ scheme we should also enjoy the benefits Londoners enjoy. Seems like E&E are really not aiming high enough in their response, but more of a damage limitation exercise.

  2. If they implement this the whole of Epsom and surrounding areas will grind to a halt. People will be terrified to go anywhere for fear of it costing them a fortune. Why are normal, decent working folk being penalised like this? It will cost me £150+ a month extra to get to work, should I give up my job and go on benefits?? OUTRAGEOUS

  3. No provision is being made for classic car clubs that meet within the proposed ulez expansion.

  4. As a small business owner the ULEZ has already cost me a lot as I have had to upgrade my works van, there was nothing wrong with my last van which I’d owned from new and had it dealer serviced. Having had to upgrade my works van there is no way I can afford to upgrade my campervan to comply with the ULEZ. I see this as just another tax being bought in to asisst a bankrupt TFL. The money does nothing to improve the environment. Many people have already upgraded to Euro 6 vehicles yet the pollution still rises. Why might this be?
    Bus stops have been bought out into the road, when the bus stops so does the traffic, many will sit on the clutch rather than letting thier engine switch off.
    Cycle paths, whilst these are needed the amount of room they take up again slows traffic down, and many cyclists will not use them.
    With respect to the many good cyclists out there, I find that there are many who road race, two abreast and fighting for space to lead the group some laughing at the queue of cars that has formed behind them, I’ve no issues with cyclists being sensible but on busy roads single file to allow faster vehicles to overtake easier or use of cycle lanes (not racing each other) makes sense. The cycle lanes are there to help protect cyclists so cyclists should be encouraged to take some responsibility for their own safety and use them. Road racing cyclists need to find a track to practice because it’s just safer and stops traffic queues.
    20 mph speed limits, these make my journey longer so my engine runs longer and emmits more fumes, perhaps the 20 mph limits could be by schools and active via a lit up sign when schools are starting and fininshing the day, the traffic can then finish its journey earlier.
    Closed roads for no reason, no entry unless you have a permit etc, forcing traffic onto already busy routes and causing further hold ups.
    Speed humps again slowing traffic too much most drivers brake at the bump then accelerate to the next bump, on and off the throttle causes more pollution.
    All new roads in housing estates etc should be tree lined to help with pollution.
    Finally it needs to be recognised that an electric vehicle is not suitable for everyone, there is also a cost to the environment in the battery manufacture and later on there will be in disposal of the batteries.
    There are better alternative in design, a hydrogen vehicle would work better for my business than an electric, this is due to the mileage that I sometimes have to cover during a day to get all my work completed ( often gas related emergency call outs) I often do not have time to sit and charge a vehicle and want to get home at a sensible hour at the end of day rather than sit in a garage charging. The infrastucture still isn’t available, I live in a flat there is nowhere for me to have a charging point, I also need to tow caravans as part of my work an electric vehicle can’t cope with that.
    ULEZ and the general discussion regarding climate change is a knee jerk reaction to an issue that needs a full and proper discussion, many are passionate about climate change but for those of us who have to earn a living the additional taxes and requirements do not help. All areas of society will have differing needs one size will not fit all, we can’t all walk, we can’t all cycle and the bus doesn’t wait for you if you get up slightly late one morning. Things need to be looked at longer term, where all the batteries going to go once they can no longer be re-charged for example.? It’s not charging taxes that will help sort this out far from it as a society we all need to take some responsibility and look at the knock on effects of what we’re being expected to do now.
    Unfortunately I have no faith in the London Mayor he just sees pound signs not the effect that these charges and road schemes have on everyday people trying to go about their business.

  5. Thank you for addressing the concerns of a local resident. I hope that they will be answered honestly and with understanding for the many issues that this expansion will cause. Unfortunately the powers that be will still be causing pollution. It’s just been moved somewhere else, and batteries are going to be a big problem in the future.

  6. What a limp wristed response to an issue that is going to seriously impact so many in E& E.
    Yet another example of just how out of touch this awful Council is.

    1. So what would you do then – easy to criticise but you have not put any ideas forward

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