Early Days Sanctuary Postnatal Course

A relaxed Essential Early Days course for all primary caregivers (partners/friends/mums really welcome too!).

Come and join our super cosy and comfortable little sanctuary for hot tea and cakes, shared stories, and essential tips and advice for those early days. Come and laugh a little, cry a little and be sleep deprived a little (ok maybe a lot!) – we’re all in it together!

It’s all very friendly and informal – just come along when you feel ready – 4 weeks onwards is a good guide.

A warm welcome, cuppa and delicious snacks guaranteed.

Grandparents Rewind Class

Grandparents are full of amazing wisdom and if you are fortunate enough to have them around- can become an essential part of your support network through pregnancy and beyond.

Up to 40% of grandparents now take some form of childcare role – and just like their slightly dodgy sense of fashion, advice around caring for babies and parents has evolved since they had you.

We want to boost their confidence (and yours in their ability!) by ensuring that they are fully versed in how best to support you during pregnancy and your transition into parenthood- as well as refresh their practical skills in caring for your baby.

So whether your parents are about to embark on Grandparent-hood or perhaps they are already looking after your little one- we’d love to meet them! ( suitable for expectant carers or carers of new-borns up to 6 months).

They’ll enjoy a 2 session course which includes a paediatric first aid course and a delicious before noon tea with their new gaggle of local friends. Confidence building and a chance to get social and make new friends- WIN WIN!

Includes First Aid classes and Delicious Before Noon Tea and Goody Bag.