Code Ninjas Epsom to open on Feb 28th

Epsom’s Code Ninjas can start their coding journeys from February 28th. Centre Director, Lee Richards, told us: ‘Everything is now in place to provide parents in Epsom, Ewell and Nork with a premium, extra-curricular coding club for their kids’.


But just what is coding? According to Lee, “Coding is a creative activity that lets us talk to computers and get them to do practically anything we can imagine.”

With coding coming to be seen as an essential literacy in the digital age, Code Ninjas is a welcome arrival for the parents of Epsom.


In the Junior program, 5 to 7 year olds develop the fundamental skills and understanding of coding concepts during one hourly session per week. With the fundamentals in place ninjas then progress to the main ‘Create’ program. ‘Create’ provides ninjas with two hourly sessions per weeks. Moving from White Belt to Black Belt, the ninjas build increasingly complex video games to demonstrate their growing understanding of coding. As well as coding video games the ninjas also get the opportunity to program devices such as drones, robots and 3D printers. Inevitably ninjas learn a number of coding languages, such as Java Script, Lua and C# along the way.  The development of computational thinking gained by completing projects at Code Ninjas is increasingly desirable to employers as the process builds confidence, creativity and resilience.


In a recent interview with UK Tech News the Code Ninjas VP of Education, Grant Smith said: “Fundamentally, Code Ninjas is a place for children to be inspired through technology and to let their creativity flourish. It’s important, therefore, that we deliver on giving children the feeling of being a part of something bigger than themselves, which can only be achieved through introducing them to how technology impacts our society and cultures.”

In the same article, adding to Grant’s comments, Code Ninjas Epsom’s Centre Director Lee Richards said: “Society is enriched through the development of responsible technologies. Technological advancement has made human life longer, it’s opening ways of meeting our needs that don’t damage our natural environment, as well as providing astounding forms of entertainment. The more kids that appreciate this, the better chance we have for healthier, cleaner, and more enjoyable lives.”


‘Founding Families’ discounts are currently available. However these discounts, which are available for both the Junior and the Create programs can only be grabbed by enrolling during the next ten days.

With the launch date confirmed, Centre Director Lee Richards has now set his sights on school holiday coding camps. There are camps to code robots in Minecraft, learn how to be a Youtuber and 3D printing. Only a few of the potential Camps can run.

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