‘UNASHAMED’ is a profound exploration into the human experience through the medium of hand-built ceramics. At its core lies the narratives of individuals, both unique and universal, whose stories serve as the inspiration for each meticulously crafted piece.

Throughout the creative process, Su seeks to foster physical and emotional exchanges, responding intuitively to the materials and the underlying narrative. Each ceramic form is imbued with layers of meaning and texture, inviting viewers to engage in contemplation and individual interpretation.

Expression is pursued through a variety of stoneware clays, including porcelain, black, and crank, each chosen for its unique qualities. These clays are manipulated using slab and direct modelling techniques, with marks and textures impressed upon them to evoke a sense of raw authenticity.

As the collection takes shape, Su draws inspiration from earthy hues, employing slips, engobes, oxides, and glazes to enhance the surfaces and imbue them with depth and character. The culmination of these elements promises to evoke a sense of connection and resonance, inviting viewers to explore the nuances of human emotion and experience.

Janine Partington: Looking Back, Moving Forward – A Creative Journey

Janine Partington’s exhibition celebrates her unique blend of traditional enamelling techniques, leather and contemporary design, resulting in timeless framed panels and jewellery.

Drawing inspiration from nature, Janine meticulously hand-cuts stencils featuring trees, flowers, and landscapes, which are then laid onto copper and coated with powdered enamel before being fired in a kiln. The result is a collection of vibrant and intricately crafted pieces that seamlessly marry timeless craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.

Based in Bristol, Janine devotes much of her time to creating new works for her collections, which have garnered widespread acclaim and are exhibited throughout the UK. Her dedication to her craft is further reflected in her academic background, which includes a Master of Arts in Design from the University of the West of England, Bristol, and studies in enamelling at the Bristol School of Art and Design, Filton College. She is a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, the Crafts Council Directory of Makers, the Guild of Enamellers, and the British Society of Enamellers. Janine’s talent and dedication have earned her numerous awards, and she has also created panels for cruise ships, including the recently launched Cunard Queen Anne vessel and for hotels including the Park Hyatt hotel in Changsha, China.

Autumn Craft Collection 2024

The Autumn Craft Collection celebrates unique, locally crafted treasures and nationally renowned gems. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home or find the perfect gift for a loved one, our curated selection promises to delight.

New ceramics by: Arjan van Dal, Richard St John Heeley, Sarah Hillman, Nicola Martin, Cat Santos, Barry Stedman, Tessa Wolfe-Murray.

New jewellery by: Ashi Marwaha, Cathy Newell-Price, Diana Greenwood, Donna Barry, Emily Bailey, Isabella Bedlington, Marlene McKibbin, Olivia Taylor, Pikaya Jewellery.

New textiles by: Helen Chatterton, Deborah Colman, Alison Dupernex, Helen Foot.

New glass by: Shirley Eccles, Joanna Lloyd, Louisa Sullivan
New wood by: Takahashi McGill.

And many more…

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